Thursday, March 24, 2011

My name is Tammy.. I am a 32y-old, mother of one and have been married for 10 years to my husband, I love scrapbooking, crafting and photography "artsy" stuff, spending time with family, and traveling... I have started this blog to share my scrapbooking and crafting projects, but really have no idea what I am doing yet, just jumping right in with both feet!
You will all get to know them through: my work. . . my hobby. . . my sanctuary. . . my stress reliever. . . and my favorite interest, SCRAPBOOKING!! And it seems to be the most calming hobby, where I can express myself and what I value most through "art". I have recently found that I love gardening last year when I started my 1st ever garden, so I look to scrapbook a lot about that this year and all my experiences!!I have been a traditional scrapper for 15 years.. and just in the last 2 started dabbing in digital.. but still like the hands on paper approach the best, so far!!
I am new to all of this online stuff and will be a guest Creative DT member for FileKutz Design's (the number 1 reason I started this blog... for now until I learn a little more about this, actually my sister has turned me on to it "the web" lol! I'm looking forward to learning new ideas and using them toward my future creations.


  1. welcome, and I look forward to getting to know you and seeing your work....Ronnie

  2. Hi Tammy, love your blog colors and design....don't worry, you will be blogging away in no time...can't wait to see your projects. Sharon